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Kameros apsauga Wozinsky Full Camera Glass 9H Xiaomi Poco X3 Pro / Poxo X3 NFC

  • Kameros apsauga Wozinsky Full Camera Glass 9H Xiaomi Poco X3 Pro / Poxo X3 NFC

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    Xiaomi Poco X3 NFC
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    Wozinsky Camera Tempered Glass - apsauginis stiklas galinei kamerai. Grūdintas išmaniojo telefono kameros objektyvo stiklas. Itin plonas - nuostabi apsauga neapsunkinanti fotoaparato objektyvo. Patogus ir patikimas - stiklas neslopina nuotraukos kokybės ir blykstės. 9H tvirtumas - stiprus ir tvirtas. Apsaugokite objektyvą kritimų metu ir nuo įbrėžimų. Specifikacijos: Gamintojas: Wozinsky. Pavadinimas: „Wozinsky Camera Tempered Glass“. Kietumas: 9H. Spalva: skaidri. Komplektą sudaro: grūdintas stiklas, dulkių absorberis, servetėlių rinkinys.
    Kameros apsauga

    Wozinsky Full Camera Glass 9H Tempered Glass for Camera:

    • Perfectly matched tempered glass on the entire surface of the rear camera . The accessory protects the entire lens against all dangers of everyday use, without compromising the quality of the photos.
    • As hard as a diamond - Thanks to the double-hardening process, the cover is extremely durable and resistant to scratches and impacts . Nay. However, if you somehow manage to damage it, thanks to a special protective layer, it will not fall into dozens of sharp, dangerous pieces .
    • Pictures are great as always - The perfect transparency of the glass means that there is practically no difference in photos taken with and without the cover . And if there is no difference, why not increase the security of your precious smartphone's camera?
    • Complete camera protection - The accessory protects the entire surface of the lens and fits perfectly. The shape and size of the glass has been molded using a real copy of the phone, and thus - it will fit like a glove.
    • Multi-layer structure - The cover consists of 5 separate layers , each of which guarantees its own benefit. From strong assembly, through high durability, to exceptional resistance to scratches and dirt.
    • Ultra -thin - The glass is only 0.2mm thick ! With such dimensions it is very easy to forget that you have them on your phone at all!