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Dėklas Soft Case TPU gel Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 5G / Poco M3 Pro Juodas

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    Soft Case TPU gel protective case cover for smartphone

    Secure your phone from each side by choosing a solid aesthetic flexible case. It is easy to apply and perfectly adapted to the size and shape of the mobile phone. It has cutouts for ports and a lens, so you can use it permanently and without discomfort. It is also thanks to the fact that the cover is thin and light, does not change the look of the device or make it thicker.

    Major features:

    • Thin – does not thicken the phone
    • Light and easy to use
    • Flexible – perfect adhesion to mobile phone
    • Precise holes for ports and camera lens
    • Aesthetic and minimalist design

    Perfect phone protection

    This case perfectly secures a mobile phone against damage. It secures it against scratching, e.g. with keys, or against cracking in case of fall from height.

    Perfect adhesion

    The case is flexible so application and removal are not difficult. Perfect adjustment arises from thorough adhesion to the device. For ports or lens, there are cut-outs in a relevant shape and size. This means that you don’t need to remove the case if you want to take photos, make videos or charge the device.

    Aesthetic look

    Black color is universal and looks good when combined with any shade. The case available in such colors is a perfect match for contemporary devices. Additionally it is made of a solid plastic so it is unlikely that it will soon break down or get dirty.